Summer Holidays…

As the holiday season is now in full swing it’s a busy travelling, and slightly unsettled time of year.  Lots of fun, and potentially lots of stress as rhythms are interuppted, sleep schedules disturbed and meeting lots of friends and family can have its effect on how much fun and joy we manage to maintain in our family over the next six weeks.

I have left my children with Grandparents for the first part of the holidays.  My husband is delivering all our boxes from Erraid back to Findhorn. I am working in Germany and looking forward to my time in Bad Neuenahr where I shall be working as Staff at The School for The Work of Byron Katie.

This means that for the first part of the holidays we are currently free of any responsibilites of getting them to bed possibly before midnight, for limiting the requests for angry birds or minecraft and for making sure our son eats something other than baked beans.  Then I get a text from our daughter who reports that her brother was temporarily lost at the shops when they went out with Grandma yesterday.  Ooops.  More unsettled feeling arise. And not much I can do but smile and trust all is very very well…

Then when I  return we shall spend a few days in Wales with my brother and his family.  After that we fly off to to Greece to have two weeks  in Kalikalos with other families who are joining us for some sunshine, relaxation and fun. On our return we will spend more time with my parents and then visit Edinburgh before moving back to Findhorn. Wphew !

What my challenge at the moment is, is to stay present where ever I am.  One place my mind keeps going back to of course is Erraid – which I experienced as a paradise, especially in the last wonderful few weeks of our year on the Island.  Our Summer Holidays really started there. IMG_3311 It was a wrench to leave. We had a farewell picnic which was a delightful day of sun, sea, BBQ, boatrides, music and children.  And I trust all our movements over the next weeks of our Summer Holidays will be as delightful as that perfect day.IMG_3317

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