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Clearing the Past

Your parents (or carers who took the parenting role) were first influences in your life. Your Grandparents were the influences on their life. What you learnt from your parents, grandparents and what has been past down in your family through generations has lasting effect on how you are today.  How you were raised impacts your… [read more]

Don’t Talk to Kids About Their Feelings…

In modern parenting circles it seems the norm to encourage children to express their feelings, “What are you feeling sweetheart?” is a common question to ask. Or if they seem unable to express their anger, frustration, grief or upset in words, then parents can do it for them. “You’re really unhappy about that.” or “Are… [read more]

Joyful Parents Workbook

Use the Joyful Parent’s Handbook and discover how to raise you children with more joy.

Price: £17 [read more]

Parent Coaching

Without judgement, without prescriptive advice, discover your own sweet way as a mum or dad, find your own natural parenting skills and drop the guilt of getting it wrong… To discover more about Parenting with Presence coaching – contact me for a free strategy session. Group Coaching is also available. [read more]

Recommended Books

There are so many parenting books out there. I read a lot of them. Some I don’t even finish they are so unhelpful, and then there are others that resonate and inform. Parenting books that I feel are helping shift the paradigm of parenting. I’ve reviewed a few of the books I use as reference, I go back to them time and time again when I need reminders about parenting with joy. [read more]