About Joyful Parents

Joyful Parenting includes spending time in nature

 Joyful Parents connects you to the soul of your child

Remember:  It is the gift of YOU that your children are longing for.  Joyful Parents can guide you to be able to truly see your child for who they are, not what you want them to be. We are not mainstream parents doing it like everybody else does.  We are deeply questioning how we parent, what effect it has on our children and what it means to connect to the soul of our child.

Joyful Parents is about getting to the heart and soul of yourself, your children and the world. Many parents come into contact with Joyful Parents by ordering a Child Soul Card reading for their child

About Kathy White

Hello, I’m Kathy White.  Wife, mother and founder of Joyful Parents, through my attempts at joyful parenting. I have discovered the worst of me and the best of me through my children. I love my children for all the gifts they place in front of me.  Each gift an invitation to wake up to the truth of life itself.   I love that you would join me ….  (read more about Kathy)

 Joyful Parenting is:  About You

Joyful Parents is designed for you to explore Joyful Parenting.  It is for you, to show it’s possible to experience parenthood as your soul’s journey.  For those parents who are open to it parenting can be one of the most amazing experiences of an entire lifetime.  You might not be a perfect parent (I’ve yet to meet one!) yet my experience is that you can discover how everything you do is perfect.  All YOUR complaining, crying, whining, whinging, (yes,  admit it! You are not always the parent you want to be) and the demands that you put on yourself, are simply reflected back to you by your children. Their complaining, crying, whining, whinging is for you.   All they are doing is offering you an invitation to grow, to develop and to be fully present with what is.  To be fully present to life itself.

Joyful Parents: A Social Enterprise


As a Social Enterprise, the ethos of Joyful Parents is to be a business for social and environmental good. To bring the concept of joyful parenting to those parents out there who need it.  Any profits the business make flow back toward parents who, for whatever reason, might not be able to afford their own parent coaching or training materials.  Social Enterprise is about business moving in ethical, ecological and socially minded directions. I am proud to be a part of this growing movement.


If you wish to donate to Joyful Parents your money will be put towards our bursary fund so that parents who wish to apply for a bursary towards their coaching, or attending an event, may do so. Thank you for your willingness to donate. *

About The Team

The Joyful Parents team are the wonderful and amazing people who support me to do what I do best.   They are introduced to you here so you can experience them as I do: talented, generous, insightful, kind and intelligent people.  I would not be able to offer Joyful Parents to you in this way if it was not for them and their generosity, dedication and belief in this work.

Johanna Quinney, well experienced as a parent –  mother of five  children- she  has her own “Appreciating Families” coaching business. She has been working with Parent Network Scotland for many years running Parenting Matters courses.  She is the parent consultant for Joyful Parents.

Stacie Whitney, mother of one, is a nutrition expert,intuitive soul reader and has her own business and is an all round cheerful wonder. Who has had here own amazing journey with parenthood when her son was born with a condition that meant the first six months of his life was spent in intensive care.  She is an American, married to a Brit and happily exploring life this side of the atlantic.

Avalon is a brilliant artist, graphic designer and mother of one. She left sunny South Africa to live in Scotland where she has been living for the past 8 years with her partner. She has a thriving graphic design business and continues to work with the Findhorn Foundation part time.

Jane Duncan Rogers has been charged with keeping the team on track regarding business development.  Although she is not a parent –she is a step great grandparent, if you can work that one out!  Jane offers coaching and mentoring to small business owners.  She is passionate about Joyful Parents from seeing her relationship with her sister’s children and witnessing how very challenging parenting can be, and experiencing it herself part-time through being a hands-on auntie.

Not much would happen with  Joyful Parents if it wasn’t for Michael.  Great Dad, loving husband to Kathy, fantastic chef, brilliant gardener and  also a great writer… Michael offers his steady wisdom, honest sharing and gentle humility to our meetings. Kathy is available to travel and share about Joyful Parents because of his unfailing dedication to his children.