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Do you live in F.E.A.R ?

As a parent are you living in fear? Do you worry about the dangers that your child is exposed in this world? [read more]

End Overwhelm Forever

Many parents suffer from overwhelm. Too much to do. Too little time. Imagine you can end it forever.  Not possible you think? Of course self- inquiry and questioning your thinking  about overwhelm would be the first step and then there are some grounded and practical steps you can take too.  This article from my friend… [read more]

Are You A Crazed Parent ?

When I talk to people about JOYFUL PARENTS people sometimes think that if you want to be a joyful parent you have to be “happy” all the time.
I can assure you I am not. [read more]

When Your Child Doesn’t Stop Asking Questions

My husband heard a little snippet on the radio this morning that little girls  age four  will ask on average 288 questions a day. This can reduce to an average of  144 questions a day by a nine year old boy We laughed and my 6 year old boy immediately said “What are you laughing… [read more]

Pope Francis and Francis of Assisi

I am not a catholic, and that does not prevent me from delighting in the new pope appointed today and to join in his request for people to pray for him.Will he turn around the catholic church?  Will he be able to somehow confront, forgive and move on from all the stories of child abuse… [read more]

My Son Is In Prison

I recently received an email from a man who shared a meaningful story about his now grown up son,  he wrote… ” May I first congratulate you on your Joyful Parents website which provides an essential guide to one of the most difficult jobs on the planet.  In these troubled times good parenting becomes even… [read more]

Joyful Parents in London

What a sweet afternoon yesterday.  My friend Hollie Holden invited me to present a Joyful Parents workshop near her home in Chiswick, London.   A very small gathering of folk made my first London event delightfully easy and intimate.  I love sharing my work with others, to share my experiences of parenting, with laughter and… [read more]

The Importance of Fathers

I love my dad.  I see how my children love their dad.  What a special relationship. Of course not always easy, but the essence of it  is beautiful. My Father is 82 and he treated us all to a holiday skiing in Austria last Christmas as he wanted to take his whole family (eleven of… [read more]

Bedtimes Like Battletimes

At the end of a day you have ticked off your seemingly endless to do list and there is one last task:  Put the children to bed… Why is it that some families have bedtimes that are so difficult. Why do  bedtimes turn into battletimes? Bedtime should be a series of simple tasks: Brush Teeth,… [read more]

Welcoming Children Home

We welcome children home. Whether they have been gone for an hour with the babysitter, a day with a friend or a year at university. We welcome them in. Then those children we so dearly embrace start to ask for things. Say things.  Comment on things.  Demand things.  Get upset with things. Reject things.  Have… [read more]

Intensive Parenting

Intensive parenting causes us to lose our sense of happiness and health. Has parenting got more and more intensive in the past few decades? Barbara Schneider, a sociologist at Michigan State University  got an impressive range of data on 500 families to prove it (The 500 Family Study 1998 – 2000). Schneider along with many… [read more]

My Child Doesn’t Want To Brush His Teeth

Danish family therapist and author of “Your Competent Child”, Jesper Juul talks about “Equal Dignity” between parent and child. What does he mean by this?  It is clearly not about equality, that is an impossibility between parent and child. As the adult it’s actually very important you realise and see the effect of how you… [read more]

How To Teach My Child To Do Chores?

So you want to teach your child to take responsibility and to do the dishes. I have heard it said that if a learning environment is boring or critical it decreases the learning by 80%. So  how is your child going to learn about getting the dishes clean and other chores if you nag or… [read more]

Is Your Child A Black Sheep?

What role does your child play in your family?  Looking at some archetypes can help see how children often get stuck into “helping” a family dynamic by being pegged to play a specific role.  This can happen especially at times when you are in a time of problems, a period of change and your child… [read more]

Clearing the Past

Your parents (or carers who took the parenting role) were first influences in your life. Your Grandparents were the influences on their life. What you learnt from your parents, grandparents and what has been past down in your family through generations has lasting effect on how you are today.  How you were raised impacts your… [read more]