Is your child a fussy eater?

Are you concerned about what your child is eating?   I know I am.

I’ve not grown long in the tooth without learning some basic nutrtional code that comes into our kitchen, larder and fridge. I want to raise my children with a sense of good healthy eating. So  Sugar, white flour and fried food are out.  As are chocolates, biscuits and cakes.  Vegies,  nuts,  a bit of protein…and what about allergies?  Does citrus cause my daughter’s eczema to flare or is it eggs?

As for my son.  Ever since I can remember we’ve had him labeled as a fussy eater.   Bascially,  in our house the definition of fussy eater means he will eat anything with sugar, white flour and that is fried, he also loves chocolates, biscuits and cakes (actually that’s not true – he prefers ice-cream). As for  veggies, nuts, a bit of protein UGH.

So we end up being like the woman in the cartoon.  Pretending this lovely bit of fish is a choo choo train.  I love the child’s response.  Like get real mum !  Why would I want a train in my mouth.  Or a vegetable for that matter?

And so we have tried various different tactics, and that is what it is essentially about.  Strategy for a healthy diet.  Surprisingly easy if you question your thoughts.  My thoughts were “He’s not getting enough nutrients” (white flour).  “His teeth will suffer” (sugar), “He will never learn to love the variety of tastes of food” (curry).

I use my favourite bit of self-psychology I know – The Work of Byron Katie – to question those and all the other thoughts that make me keep on believing my child is a fussy eater. Then I start to notice and wake up to reality.  Instead of continuing to battle and force feed him what I think he should eat, I see what he actually does eat.

If we give him a bowl of raw carrots, cucumber and peppers, he happily munches away.

He loves sushi.

His favourite snack is a slice of apple…

he often will refuse cake.

Conclusion, if I don’t worry about him being a fussy eater, if I can drop that story to look at reality I get to see what a healthy eater he is.  Plain, simply raw food.  Amazing.  Maybe I should start being a fussy eater too !