Parent Coaching

I am a trained Art Psychotherapist, licensed with the Health Professions Council UK.  I am also a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.  I bring my professional and personal skills to work with you when we engage in coaching sessions.  For some it may be more theraputic work, for others it maybe more doing The Work, but for all you will feel supported and coached by me.    My parent coaching offers you a space in which you can relax. I offer you unconditional support and will not try to convince you there is one right way to raise your children. We will often touch on other areas of your life that may be causing you stress and anxiety. Healing those other stresses and strains, enables you to become more present as a parent.   I do believe all parents are already doing the very best they can.  As a therapist I help you uncover even better ways of being with your family and your self. And as a parent coach I guide you to gently expand your awareness around your family. I sometimes see my job as holding the space for you so that you can take the pressure off yourself. This then enables you to take pressure off your children. Finding time to pause in a parent’s life can seem like a luxury. Yet, working with me can ensure your family schedule includes space for you to transform your thoughts and beliefs to see the world as a different place, and in my view that’s not a luxury it’s essential.

I was lucky enough to work one-to-one with Kathy earlier this year. I am so glad I did. She  is so loving, fun, non-judgmental and supportive – all the things parents need in a coach when they hit a rough patch!  Working with Kathy challenged me in the best way.  Using The Work and Kathy’s experience and teaching in my parenting has been so empowering and transformative.  I highly recommend Kathy’s coaching.

In your personalized parent coaching you will be offered

  • Ways to break the habits of your own upbringing and parental patterning
  • Discovery of the natural functioning of parenting
  • A chance to drop the guilt and shame of getting it “wrong”
  • An invitation to relax and enjoy your children
  • Mindfulness tools to benefit you and your whole family in all areas of your life
  • Support to dissolve the anxieties and stresses you may be facing as a parent

Parenting With Presence Premium Parent Coaching

One to One Premium Coaching

  • six personal sessions with Kathy White (by phone or skype)
  • Three night private spa retreat in Scotland (away from your family) with 4 face to face sessions with Kathy
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to Joyful Parents Recordings
  • The Treasure Within – Parents Handbook

If you are interested in applying for a one to one Parenting with Presence Premium coaching package with Kathy, please email

Why I would recommend Kathy as a coach is that she enabled me to question my thinking and in so doing avoid a spiral of negative thoughts. I have seen great improvements in my life since working with Kathy on this approach and would definitely recommend Kathy’s coaching to anyone looking to find ways to develop to their full potential.

Sally HunterLondon

Parenting With Presence Parent Coaching

One to One Coaching

  • Six personal sessions with Kathy White by phone or skype
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to Joyful Parents Recordings
  • The Treasure Within – Parents Handbook

If you are interested in applying for one to one coaching  and or therapy with Kathy, please email .  If you have an insurance plan that covers psychological treatment, I am a registered Art Therapist and I am licenced to work in the UK and on skype.