Family Values

When you think about your own Family Values, do you assume you know what they are?  Are you sure that how you are living your life in in line with those values?

The family values that you are raising your children with today,  may well be the same values that you were raised with as a child.

What do you mean those values are so old fashioned ! True, but unless you know them, you are very likely to be living them unconsciously, or not living them at all and wondering why you feel guilty.

If a family value is working hard for a living. And you find yourself without work,  or a stay-at-home parent, or self-employed so you’ll have more time, but then end up working harder than ever you can start to see how that family value is affecting your life.

Many families make assumptions that they are all operating from the same rulebook.  The same set of family values.

However when conflicts arise you can discover that this is often far from the case. This survey could support your family to be much more open with each other about what qualities and attribute they see as important. And where any differences may lie.

When you and your partner fight about how you are raising the children, it may well be because your family values are in conflict with each other.  It’s not that you don’t love each other…you just don’t love each other’s value system.

She says live passionately… and takes risks, loves adventure, drive a fast car.

He says live within boundaries… stay safe, be on time, be careful with money, buy a sensible car.

Translate the words into actions – what does it mean to you to have a value of  Passion, Boundaries, Creativity, or a value of Service?

You can really use this survey to look deeply into some very important issues for you and your family, and let’s not get too serious either… you can also see  it as just a bit of fun, rather like quizzes or surveys in magazines you read at the hairdresser or dentist’s waiting room.

However, if you really want to take the time to sit with each of the family values listed, and bring them into focus in your life, explore whether you really live those family values, you may find it very helpful and revealing.

Yes Please, take me to the Joyful Parents Family Values Survey