family photo

I love my Mum and Dad,
I love them more than ever,
I love that they came to Erraid.

They didn’t let their age, their mobility or their thoughts get in the way. They took trains, buses, ferries, taxis and boats on what is quite an epic journey to get here. ¬†Once on the Island, they approached the wood burning stoves, the composting toilets and the rustic lifestyle with grace. They joined in the community rhythmns with ease, and chatted to everyone here, my Dad even saying thank you to everyone and remembering everyone’s name in the morning circle before they left. They kept up a sense of humour as they got in and out of boats, tractors and muddy paths. I even heard my daughter tell of the moment when my Dad’s sponge bag ended falling into a potty..and the potty was full.. OOOPS !

The weather was very kind to them thankfully they didn’t have too much wind or rain or cold to cope with which can often visit the inner hebrides. My mum who is an amazing artist painted a beautiful picture of Pier Cottage as a gift to us a lovely image of our wee home on Erraid which will be a beautiful reminder of this year of ours when we leave.

Pier Cottage Erraid

Pier Cottage Erraid

I want to give thanks to them, for being such great Grandparents to our children and for being courageous, open-minded and joyful about coming to see us.

Okay truth be known, they did make a mistake…they thought they were coming for my 50th birthday. I suppose it’s an important one, so they made the effort to come to see us, thinking it was a birthday not to miss…and guess what? I only turned 49 ! Somehow they got the year wrong! No matter, it was the “McGuffin” or the plot device that got them here, to have a very wonderful visit and we feel very blessed to have them in our lives, it gives me the spirit to approach old age with a vitality and vibrancy and to take their lead as one to follow.


  1. I love your parents too!
    I loved reading how they were there with grace and ease it inspires me.
    Much love Kathy x