Child Soul Card readings


Serving with an open heart, we take the hand of your child, connect to their soul and bring them back to you.

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Soul Connection between parent and child

A Child Soul Card reading can bring you

  • more clarity about how to parent your child with soul connection
  • a greater understanding of your child
  • deeper compassion for yourself and for your child
  • an ability to express a profound loving kindness to yourself and your child
A card from the Child Soul Card deck

A card from the Child Soul Card deck

How does it work?

You order your reading, Kathy picks a Child Soul card for your child, Cath connects to the soul of your child (by first asking permission) and then we write down the information that flows to us from the soul connection and the Child Soul card and we send that information to you via email.

By doing the reading, soul healing will take place.

When I read this intuitive reading, my first thoughts were, “Oh my goodness, this is so my son.” And as I read on, I began to cry. I’ve always known him to be a beautiful, gentle soul, and I’ve always had a sense that someone on the other side helped guide him to us (he was adopted after years of struggling through infertility). When you wrote he has a connection to the mystical, I about fell off of my chair, because he literally JUST asked me the other day, “Mommy, is God inside me?” We went on to have a conversation about God and what that means. It seems like he has a knowing that is beyond his years. Not only do I love the reading and get chills as I re-read it (so does my husband), but I LOVE the suggestion of lighting three candles for him to keep his mystical connection. Thank you SO SO much for this reading! It has brought love and light to me today. Maria
Maria T Rothenburger

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Who are Cath and Kathy?

cath and kathy

Cath Little and Kathy White

I’m Kathy White you can read about me here. Let me introduce Cath Little.  Her mainstream worklife included doing a management training with a global corporation and then working in management in different settings for many years.   Cath was what I might call a “reluctant” psychic.  She gets all sorts of messages, images and information from the spirit world, and has done since childhood,  but up until recently was very shy and never felt the courage to work with this information.

girl in hat candle star Child Soul Card

A card from the Child Soul Card deck

Several years ago Cath came to see me for some  Art Therapy.  What emerged from working together then was her amazing psychic abilities and how she needed to “come out” with them.  We stayed in touch, became friends and for over five years we have been discussing and talking about how she might use her intuitive skills and psychic abilities more and more.

Then I approached her thinking of  my deck and idea of Child Soul Card readings and asked her if she would work with me.

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How we knew to offer this…

As we were sitting in a local cafe having a coffee together,  I was explaining this idea I had to offer parents Child Soul Card readings,  and was asking her if she might consider offering her intuitive readings as part of this…  I expected the usual reaction from Cath, a sort of reluctance, a sense that it’s not the right time, I was ready for her usual response, that she didn’t want to, that she wasn’t ready etc etc…

But Cath stopped looking at me as I was talking and turned suddenly to look at something.  I looked too and could see the bookcase in the cafe that had always been there.  She was clearly looking at something else.

“YES !”

she said.  She looked at me and then turned to the bookcase.  I looked again, still all I could see was a bookcase,  nothing unusual in that.  Had the bookcase spoken?

I felt a strong tingle down my spine.  Cath suddenly spoke,  “It’s really important work that we do this Kathy, there’s someone here who is telling me that we have to offer this for the children.  I’m told that it’s about our connection with each other, and to Spirit… I actually don’t have an option, the answer is yes!” We both found ourselves in tears.

AvalonThank you both! I find this very insightful and affirming. A. often gives me gorse petals to eat, so I take that as I sign, I will get some Gorse Bach remedy! That rings very true for me.  I think you are onto something here. Thank you for your time and effort. Xxx

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Too Woo Woo ?

I suppose I can’t be someone living in the  Findhorn Community, a place that was founded on the principle of communication with nature spirits, and not be a believer.  However I’m also pretty mainstream.  I am a healthy skeptic I like to think.  I don’t always believe in otherworldly guidance, spirits, fairies or the like.  I like to think I’m a realist. If you can’t see it, it probably doesn’t exist.  And yet when I’m around someone like Cath, and get to witness what an amazing psychic healer she is, how she gets the messages, how accurate she is, how clear and true she is and I’m suddenly not so sure.  I actually believe it is possible that there are all sorts of unseen beings who are wanting to communicate with us, I even wonder if perhaps they are us and we simply see them as external.  It’s not woo woo when time and time again I see the accuracy of the readings and how they reveal information that the parents tell us is so so needed for the love and healing to flow and nourish a new level of  soul connection between parent and child.

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Where did the cards come from?

lips dance fruit boy Child Soul Card

A card from the Child Soul Card deck

I created the deck of 30 cards in my art studio.  Over several months in the winter of 2014/15 I found myself re-considering Joyful Parents, the work I do for parents, the ways in which I can further serve parents and above all I contemplated childhood.  I wondered about the soul of children, about modern life, about how parents connect with their children, and how these images may support that connection.  I actually didn’t know what I was creating at the time, I just intuitively kept on making more and more cards.

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Is it like Art Therapy?

I am an artist and a State Registered  Art Therapist (HPC UK)

In a way I’m using my background and training in Art Therapy in bringing these cards to you.  I do not  label, name or create suits of cards.  I prefer to keep the readings of the cards totally open to the moment of reading them.  I have no fixed idea of what a card is speaking of until it reveals itself in a situation. In a way the cards are prompts to find questions or suggestions.

Bird monk world house Child Soul Card

A card from the Child Soul Card deck

In keeping with my Art Therapy training which sees images as open dialogues or conversations that do not come to final conclusions but simply point out the possibilities available in that moment in time. For me every situation is entirely different and the interpretation of the cards is always changing. What a card might say about your child and your situation could be entirely different to what might be said to another parent.

The cards are like a visual poetry that can point to the truth, indicate the soul connection,  but never capture it.

M. needing time on her own to find her joy and not needing to talk about her feelings was hugely helpful to me and I’ll definitely take that on board. Thank You xxx
Niamh K

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So what are we offering?

We here we are, two friends, two colleagues, two women called Kathy and Cath, who feel guided to offer this powerful intuitive tool to parents who are open to it.

A card from the Child Soul Card deck

A card from the Child Soul Card deck

We are offering you a chance to receive a Child Soul Card reading for your child.

Cath tunes in and gets the intuitive psychic part of the messages. With your request, she connects with your child, then waits to see what images, messages, intuitive words come to her.  I choose the card, tune in and read the images of the card in which ever way comes to me in the moment.

We find it an ever humbling experience.  We are delighted to say that our readings have changed lives.  Our unique  Child Soul Card readings are making parents awaken to new levels of awareness, deeper soul connections and a better relationship to their children.

On first reading your Child Soul Card reading for my son I was blown away by the accuracy of your description of him and his way of being. He is a very sensitive child as you mentioned and is just now undergoing the early stages of transitioning from child to teenager. It’s been a concern of mine that he not lose his sensitivity or connection to his soul as he grows up and you mentioned that it was important for those of us around him to nurture it. Yes, he and I (his mother) have an incredible honouring and connected friendship and he truly is my greatest teacher as he has knowledge of esoteric things that I do not and I have learned much from him and will continue to do so. I appreciate the note about his 3rd eye opening and will be sure to ask him to open up to me about that. As a spiritual teacher myself who awakens and activates others to their soul and it’s gifts I very much appreciate the opportunity to have this Child Soul card reading to help me understand even more what my child is going through and how to best help him through it. Much appreciated. I loved the reading and the card.Anne Aleckson
Anne Aleckson - The Soul Speaker - giving a voice to the power within

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We do not suggest that this reading replaces or substitutes professional advice, and urge you to talk to your doctor, health visitor, social worker, therapist or other professional  if you have any concerns about your child or child’s behaviour.

These readings are not given as solutions only suggestions, and may simply shine another kind of light on the mystery of being a parent. We are not offering them under any professional capacity.

If you ask for a reading we cannot guarantee there will be any message for you. Although we will always choose a card for you.

When you receive the information on your child, we ask that you open up your own intuition and sense of wisdom, your own inner knowing, that way you will be able to accept or discard the information that is most relevant to you, and help you see what the Child Soul Card reading has for you and your child.

A card from the Child Soul Card deck

A card from the Child Soul Card deck

How do I get a reading?

If you are interested in having a reading please fill in the form and be sure to include your child’s first name, gender, age and a short sentence or two describing their current challenge or situation.

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How much does a reading cost?

We charge £60 GBP for a reading.

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