The Gift Economy

The parent support group Joyful Parents Circle  is available to you on the Gift Economy.

The Gift Economy is a way of seeing the world as a place of giving and receiving that is not solely based on financial or monetary transactions. Quite simply, when you receive a gift, you pass another gift on. The shape, size and dimensions of the gift are not measured. What you feel is the joy of giving and that is the reward in itself.

Your children are a gift to you. However you sometimes might not see the gift they are in your life. To build an ongoing connected and loving relationship with your child that will last the rest of your life is truly a wonderful present. And it is something that a parent support group like A Joyful Parents Circle can help you remember. An immeasurable gift.

Watch this short 2 minute video to find out more about why Joyful Parents Circle Packs are available to you on The Gift Economy

What is contained in the Joyful Parents Circle pack and all the support that can be gained from starting and running a Joyful Parents Circle have the potential to be priceless.

    • The gift of getting the support you need from other parents
    • The gift of learning how to take better care of your children AND yourself
    • The gift of a journey of being willing to learn more about parenting
    • and much much more

It is our hope that all these things and more have tremendous value to you.

Morning Circle
The impact that changing a parent child relationship for the better can have on one child, on one parent, one family, and on one community is impossible to calculate. For how do you measure the gift of love? It’s impossible.joyful parents heart

Therefore we leave it up to you to partake in the Gift Economy in whatever way feels right for you, and sometimes people would like suggestions.

Our Gift Economy Suggestions:

    • Gift your time to organize or participate in a successful Joyful Parents Circle
    • Gift valuable feedback from your group back to Joyful Parents
    • Help us improve this service grow and expand the packs
    • Find ways to make them available to parents worldwide
    • Tell your friends and spread the word about Joyful Parents Circles
    • Send us any success stories or photos you might share to
    • Make a financial donation to help us keep up with the ongoing work of Joyful Parents (we still have bills to pay!)

And there are many many more ways you can gift your time, energy, wisdom and talents to your family and community in order to feel part of the gift economy.

The exciting thing about The Gift Economy is that it’s you receiving the gift who decides the value of the gift. And where to return it. In the gift economy it is important to remember and accept that what might be easy for someone to gift might be a huge thing for someone else. You cannot judge what one gift looks like against another, you simply give what feels right for you.

Joyful Parents is about recognizing the gifts of life. It is about parenting from appreciation. It is about cultivating attitudes of celebration and gratitude. It isn’t about ignoring the bad stuff, or pretending parenting is easy when for many parents it is not.

However, the act of remembering your children are a gift to you can bring you to your knees with gratitude.

So much in your life; the wind, the rain, the sunlight, the trees and grass around you are a gift to you. The Gift Economy is the simple act of remembering what is already true.

parents swinging child shining Life is a gift.

And you may give a financial gift to Joyful Parents by clicking here