Parenting Through It All

Joyful Parents Bumper Pack

I’ve bundled together ALL the items from the Joyful Parents shop (many of which are currently unavailable as single items) into one complete parenting package for you.

  • The Treasure Within – The Joyful Parents Workbook

    A workbook For Parents.   Having a child puts you on the Parenting path to find the Treasure.   This essential workbook will give you tools to build your own inner compass, discover your very best parenting self and find the treasure of a loving connection to yourself and your child.  E-book VALUE  $27 USD

  • Parenting through Peace

    Self Study –  5 week E-course.

    This a great course for you if you love to self study –    You will be sent new exercises and activities each week, all designed  to help you find your own parenting wisdom.  VALUE $97 USD

  • Parenting Through Play

    This set of  six recordings will give you insights into the magical, essential and vital world of children’s play.  I teamed up with with Lawrence Cohen PhD and we enter into the realm of play where children learn, grow and develop skills, and become equipped to be playful alongside them. Using The Work of Byron Katie I help parents discover what prevents them from being playful and listen as they turn it around to  truly enjoy and share in the creative imagination and powerful learning of  children.   Six Mp3 Recordings Plus Transcripts  VALUE $97 USD

  • Parenting Without Clutter

    How to stay simple and clear.  I learnt this when doing my Simplicity Parenting training. This single recording gives you many insights into one area of parenting – how to deal with the “STUFF”; the games, books, toys, DVD’s, how to manage the many clubs, activities and playdates,   and how to drill down to the essentials and  release all the clutter both from your physical environment and from your mind.  Let simplicity rule and see how much calmer family life can be… VALUE $19 USD

  • Parenting Through Joy

    This set of recordings takes you on a journey doing The Work of Byron Katie through lots of common stressful parenting beliefs.  Discover how to turn around bedtimes, mealtimes, “bad” behaviours – look at these situations afresh and see neither you nor your child is the problem, it is simply the thoughts you have, what you are believing that causes the stress… VALUE  $47

  • Parenting Through Awareness

    Increase your awareness and gain more clarity as you turn your parenting around.   When I read “Raising Our Children Raising Ourselves” by Naomi Aldort I was amazed how we resonated with many of the same approaches. Using The Work of Byron Katie, we teamed up together, gathered a group of parents to join us and the results and transformations are simply fabulous.  Six hours of fully edited recordings PLUS transcripts VALUE:  £97

If you are looking for help on many levels, don’t know where to begin, then this bumper pack will give you access to  more awareness, more playfulness, more simplicity in your family life.

For one inclusive price you can have access to all the wisdom I have gathered together here on Joyful Parents. You will have insights from fellow parents, information from respected authors and ways to access your own wonderful wise self to find your own answers and directions as a mum or dad.

Buy ALL ITEMS in the SHOP plus six EXTRA RECORDINGS VALUE £97 (only available in the bumper pack)

          • Saying No To My Kids
          • My Child Should Listen to Me
          • I Have To Know What Is Best For My Kids
          • I Need My Child To Cooperate With Me
          • Kids Are Expensive – Is it true?
          • I Need To Play Happy Families At Christmas

TOTAL VALUE of ALL ITEMS if bought separately  : $481

Your Price $147 USD

If you wish to purchase these items please contact kathy @ (remove spaces) for information of how to pay.  Thankyou.