Travel Lightly

Well, last Saturday we left Findhorn for our year of adventure and drove, ferried and drove some more across Scotland from East to West to arrive on Erraid.   Thanks to dear friends Will, Angie, Jennie and Susie who came to say goodbye in what was a tearful farewell…  We needed the help for although we thought we would travel lightly, when you add the hamster, the welly boots, the hiking boots and wet weather gear, the wetsuits and the books and stuff for homeschooling it was amazing that it did all stuff into the back of the car !

Dancing for the Ferry and so we set on on a most wonderful journey

Not only for the beautiful views and the stunning scenery. Corran Ferry lighthouse

But for the excitement and joy (and boredom and car sickness) of the kids !

Smiling Kids

We arrived safely and I  feel very, very blessed to be here and although I thought we were travelling lightly (putting our bags and kit for a year in the back of the car) I realise already that Erraid is going to ask another layer of letting go for us all.  This is partly because we have arrived to live in Pier Cottage and there is limited space to fit into, although we did get a couple more sets of drawers today but more importantly because there is SO MUCH here in the wealth of natural beauty,  the abundance of weather and the richness of people that all our material possessions seem insignificant.

We will continue to explore, have fun learn to love the midges (or not) and see how Island life suits us.  So far it’s been a great beginning travelling lightly, now to begin living lightly!


  1. Looks like you have made a good start to your year of travelling lightly.
    I have been reading about the Empress Elizabeth of Austria who was very beautiful and had her hair to the length of her feet. It took four hours to dress it every day. I guess she did not travel lightly!!!
    Love, Grandma

  2. Sending you all lots of love and best wishes to you in your new location XX

  3. I’m so delighted for all of you. I’m glad you had happy landings on Erraid. I look forward to hearing about your ongoing adventures.