Playful Parenting

You know those moments when you want to be really serious with your children?   You want to give them a stern look.  You need to let them know who’s boss.  You’ve had enough and you have to lay down the law…

Why not get yourself someone who will back you up?  Some help from a friend who you know will make sure your kids understand you are serious.  No messing. Oh the joys of not taking ourselves seriously.

 This picture is of Michael play-acting the serious dad to the huge delight of our children and friend’s child.  Parenting can be this silly.  Really.

My friend Larry Cohen who wrote Playful Parenting suggests singing like an Opera Deva when you want to scream at the kids.

This is my own suggestion when you want to shout – get a gorilla to do the work for you !  See how you all end up in laughter.  

And laughter and playfulness are just as good as shifting the energy of any  parent/ child deadlock as  shouting or screaming.  And you end up feeling better for it, not guilty. It’s funny.

 It’s just not that serious.  It never is. So go on, get a gorilla !

michael and gorilla 1 2014


You can also access the Parenting Through Play recordings of the amazing teleclass I did with Dr. Larry Cohen here