Simplicity Parenting

A breath of pure mountain air

Simplicity Parenting 

Pros: So simple, down to earth and practical
Cons: hard to take the step into simplicity when it feels the tide is against you

In the few months that we have had this book in our lives, we have cleared about six big garbage bag loads of toys to the recycle centre.  We have removed television almost completely.  We have a regular meal plan.  We have zero afterschool activities and they have the woods,  bikes, books and the trampoline and life just keeps getting simpler and simpler…the more simple it gets the more connected I am to my children.  I have tears in my eyes as I write this.  As we reduced the craziness around us, simplified our lives so much,  I got my children back (and the scary part is that before I’d read the book I wasn’t even aware that I’d lost them)

 I am amazed and really impressed with the impact the book has had on our lives personally, so much so that I have signed up to do the Simplicity Parents training to help teach other parents how to simplify their lives.

As Kim John Payne puts it so well, there is a war on childhood (from media, from manufacturers, from games producers, food providers) and no-one is aware it’s happening as it has become the norm…I’m just so very very grateful that this book arrived like a miracle answer to a prayer in a moment of overwhelm and despair.

Coupled with the mental hygiene that I have be practicing for years with The Work of Byron Katie I see how the two ways are interchangeable and complementary.

I would more than recommend it, I think it should be an essential reference book for every parent.