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Child Soul Card readings

Bringing you more connection, offering you a new way to be with your child by understanding the wisdom of their soul. Child Soul Card readings are available now

Joyful Parents Workbook

Use the Joyful Parent’s Handbook and discover how to raise you children with more joy.

Price: £17

Parent Support Group

The Joyful Parents Circle Pack – material available for organizers who want to set up their own local parent support group – available on the gift economy (enter your donation amount)

Parenting Through It All

Parenting Through It All – I’ve bundled together, all the items from the Joyful Parents shop in one bumper pack, it includes The Treasure Within E-book, the Parenting Through Peace E-course, recordings of my work with parenting authors Naomi Aldort and Lawrence Cohen.

Hours of support, information, study and ways for you to access more joy and delight of raising your children.

Price: £147

Recommended Books

There are so many parenting books out there. I read a lot of them. Some I don’t even finish they are so unhelpful, and then there are others that resonate and inform. Parenting books that I feel are helping shift the paradigm of parenting. I’ve reviewed a few of the books I use as reference, I go back to them time and time again when I need reminders about parenting with joy.